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Suleman Malik Shoaib Synthesis and Characterization of polyurethane foam

Polyurethanes are versatile materials with variety of applications. The major application of polyurethanes is polyurethane foam. In polyurethane foams there are many types and this work is carried out on synthesis and characterization of visco-elastic polyurethane foam which is the sub type of flexible polyurethane foam. Visco-elastic foam have unique characteristics than other type of foams and due to its variety of applications it is now a days capturing the whole commercial applications of flexible foam. Due to its importance and large number of applications this research is carried out to synthesize visco-elastic polyurethane foam on lab scale and to study different methods for synthesis of visco-elatic polyurethane foam. The objective of this work was to synthesize visco-elastic polyurethane foam and then study different characterization techniques for the caharacterization of visco-elastic foam.

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